Please enjoy this gif of a young (28 years old) David Attenborough from 1954.

I am DYING over this local monthly magazine put out by the paper where my parents live.

It’s called “Boomers Today” and yes, it’s about those kind of Boomers.

Ideally I wish I had the confidence to start my presentation this way.


Supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow.


Our daughter picked out this cake for Bryanne’s birthday today.

Still thinking about how one of these would make a cool looking tattoo on my inner forearm.

Why yes. Yes that is a nicely folded fitted sheet. Thanks for asking.

Kidposting - ec 

Look at my child - future Antifa super soldier.

Is it just me, or is one of these figures in my 4 year old’s drawing saying “mood” to the other?

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