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Gonna rant a bit here.... 

Ok... so this semester I made my late policy this: small homework assignments have to be turned in on their due dates. But, there's no late penalty for late large assignments - like papers.

It's in my syllabus. We went over it day one.

And today - after getting shitty midterm grades I have two girls bitching about how unfair I'm being because they didn't know stuff had to be turned in on time.

Like - you turned in something small 4 days late. You don't get 10 points.

Maybe I’ll quit academia to become a bear expert. I like bears.

Hello. I am watching a David Attenborough animal show and just called an albatross a "dumb bitch."

How's your Monday going?

Thanks to @Laser I am now thinking about how attractive Morrissey was in the 1980s and trying not to get mad about how much of an asshole he is and how that should make him less attractive but.... 🤷

Just having a normal Saturday evening.

As a parent, I will never understand the purpose of “Baby on Board” decals/signs on cars.

It has snowed almost every day this week and I hate it.

Lol. None of my students came to class today.

I've officially become the person who uses pedagogical terminology like "backwards design" and "transparent design" while ranting about work.

So.... good thing?


Supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow.

Every time someone watches a Contrapoints video I just wanna throw my Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism at them and tell them to read a damn book.

On the how distracted/tired my brain is scale...

I was working on some writing and focusing on a scene where a character is drinking tea and when I went to take a drink of my coffee my brain was expecting it to be tea and was caught off guard when it was coffee....

It's too early in the year to see there be a measurable amount of snow listed in the 10 day forecast.

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Some days I wish I could walk away from academia because it is a god damn toxic cesspool.

But then I also realize I am trained in a very specific set of skills that - while transfer well to so many other jobs - people see that PhD and all the teaching experience and don't want to touch my CV/resume with a 10 foot pole.

I just wanna do research and read and talk shit about theory and apply it to every day life and pop culture and current events. Why can't I just do that for a living?

Might fuck around and write some stuff about theory today...

You know, the research portion of my job that I don't get paid or recognized for because I'm not tenure track.


I am caught up on grading and lesson planning and its Friday and I have nothing to do and I don't know what to do with myself....

I looked up and out the window and saw it was snowing and literally shouted "Damn it!"

I do not get paid enough to deal with this bullshit.

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