Something I really do think about a lot is the state of the Jewish community, and how so much of our tradition and so many of our institutions have become sufficiently subsumed by Zionism so as to make them inaccessible to those who do not subscribe to Zionist ideology

This happened before I was born, it happened before you were born, and chances are it happened before the majority of Jewish people you will encounter at your local synagogue were born. Essentially, we inherited a rotting corpse and we cling to it like Count Carl

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Look around. look at, like, jewish grad school programs. A lot of them have israel trips as a degree requirement. Essentially, they will not let you attain a high status within a community organization without first absorbing a sufficient amount of propaganda

I do think you're soaking in propaganda all the time living in a nation like America, and especially being educated at an American institution. the difference is that you can maneuver to some extent around that propaganda, or maybe you'll find a couple of classic cool professors along the way who help open your eyes. No such professor would be able to penetrate a Jewish grad school program, by the simple fact that they would get weeded out

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Increasingly I am dreaming about changing these institutions. The future we could have as a culture fills my thoughts. it is my one source of hope for us. but increasingly i fear that there's no way to ignore Zionism or build power outside of it. and I don't think too many people bite that bullet without ending up dead inside

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@wintgenstein i've been saying we should draw ourselves up an autonomous oblast. it would be a fun time

@evan how the heck does this happen? It seems like it isn't hard to find radical Jewish people and yet the institutions are so at odds with it.

@evan I did not know that at all. I have Heard (gotta love academic grapevine) some of the profs here support chabad and that feels potentially hurtful to students.

@Cyborgneticz that is a different but equally troubling idea. if any given professor was shown to support Chabad, I don't think I would be necessarily caught off guard

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