ever shown someone you like something you made, or maybe just something you care about a lot, and they don’t react to it, and you fear you’re gonna get a thousand of those small rejections over the course of this relationship, just tiny daggers in your heart, OR do you take your true love to Chili’s? We can all agree: Chili’s is the place to be. And we’re open NOW. For normal dinner. Come on in!

will you die alone? or will you die together in an orgy of spittle and sickness? Chili’s. Dinner hours only. Normal dinner.

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I remember getting caught cheating on a math test. I fessed up, I said take whatever points off my grade you need to take. Put me in detention. My one request, the only thing I knew I needed, the thing I asked for through tears, was that they not call my father. I couldn’t handle his shame, his punishment. And they honored my wish. I am thankful for that every day. But I want to show my father something I can take pride in. I want to show him... a normal dinner. Chili’s. Open for dinner hours.

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Here's the thing no one tells you about regrets. They don't have to last forever. It is said that, on the day before he died on the cross for our sins, Jesus Christ gathered his disciples for a "Last Supper". Are we not all sinners? And do we not also deserve a chance to wipe that sin away? Chili's. Open now. Normal dinner.

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yeah I used to be a chili's fan but my wife doesn't like it so

@evan The idea that we are all equal in sin is why I tentatively call myself Christian rather than just generically spiritual.

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