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certain people are trying to "roast" me for this but I actually walked away from a garage sale in the "village" of Wellington with a 50 inch 4k tv in my trunk. paid 15 bucks

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the mechanic from the new Star Wars, yknow, baby freak

It’s raining today. Might solve a mystery

every once in a while I think about this billboard prominently placed on the NJ side of the George Washington Bridge

I am presented with three options 1 go to sleep 2 ponder my family 3 make myself mad imagining Bong Joon-Ho making anchorman 3 and realizing it will never happen

The parasite TV show seems like a bad idea I am also fairly confident it won’t end up happening so... basically it cancels out?

fantasizing about assuming a pseudonym and just talking shit about my family

Eminem released an album this week and halsey managed to out-edge him. which is not easy. also she's going on snl this week lmao

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I'm not heavily invested in who plays the next James Bond.

All I ask is that they're made of titanium and they don't understand human emotion and they're played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 and the movie is Terminator 2

Writing just for me is more spiritually satisfying than posting. But what if I wanted to corrupt my soul?

Seeing un-ironic takes that the term "wage slavery" is violence because chattel slavery in the U.S. was so much worse than the concept embodied by wage slavery. Which is a galaxy brain take. It's like saying that calling the ICE border camps "concentration camps" is antisemitic because the Nazi camps were so much worse. Guess what? Drawing a parallel between 2 things isn't saying "these things are exactly the same."

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ewww I need to turn off single column on desktop for this account

sneak peek of SNLysis, my new column... 

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I could abandon all pretense and just become a professional SNL analyst/reviewer

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