opened a front page of reddit thread about elon musk and all the comments were ripping the piss out of him. seems to have lost his core constituency. sad!

this happens to me rarely because i don't know about that many things, but unfortunately, i do know a lot about poker

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its funny when the online discourse machine stumbles into a topic you actually know a lot about and you get to see how wrong everyone is

@lennie @radicalrobit i could clear up this whole "interpol" mixup in minutes but i don't want to interrupt my vacation to this underground bunker that i am in for completely voluntary and recreational reasons

i need a wealthy benefactor to pay me get really really obsessively good at geoguesser. i will learn about ladder poles and bollards and how if you can see a hand hanging out the car window it means you''re in sumatra. i want to know about soil types. i think this might be the only thing that would make me happy

my balls are quiet quitting, leaving my penis to pick up the slack

This is a chestnut sided warbler and I have been showing it to absolutely everyone

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imagine if your phone went off during the queen's funeral and your ringtone was like, toxic by britney spears

i have discovered the NFL red zone programme and must give them credit, making a boring sport interesting by showing all the games at the same time is a very effective tactic

I haven't watched any politician funeral and I'm sure as hell not watching some royal one

@lennie good news, it can be seen from 4.5 miles away

I'm going to become the georgia o'keefe of butthole paintings

everyone in london is in a 5 mile queue to see my thick juicy ass

promising signs today of tides turning on britter, as the even the waitrose brigade have to admit it's a bit rum for the rozzers to arrest you for holding a sign, and the ongoing existence of prince andrew causes PR headaches for team crown

everything is so fucking bad-weird here lmao. someone got taken away by the police for holding like a fucking A4 sheet of paper with Not my King written on it :angry_laugh: :angry_laugh:

just realised the first football match here since queenie shuffling off is going to be liverpool ajax tomorrow...liverpool at home. don't let me down lads...

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