68 billion dollars seems like too much money to spend on a bunch of games i don't like. if they'd spent 68 billion dollars on rocket league that would be fine though

I wish there was a way to filter words but only when people are being horny about them

british people love to post this image and call the prime minister 'a right bloody cockwaffle'

through the haze of NFL ads for trucks, fast food sandwiches and 'the military community', suddenly someone barking 'dr oz is WRONG for pennsylvania. say NO to dr oz'

bob dylan's son directed american pie 3 and how high with method man and redman (👍 ), then founded an 'open source healthcare' (?) nonprofit and joined the council on foreign relations (??). what is this guy's deal

shocked that when i went to the website they aren't trying to sell me either jesus or scientology? it's just a non profit where the only thing they do is produce posters of oprah that say 'ENCOURAGEMENT'? would prefer jesus tbh!

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if i saw this billboard in an airport, i would feel good! 😀 it would improve my mental health to be reminded of the concept of optimism in the airport! 😀

someone on piratebay has uploaded 60 episodes of the benny hill show (1986) in 1080p in the last few days. big week for benny boys

imagining a type of guy who responds to his girlfriends nudes by sending back a picture of him soyfacing

hanging 'when the dudes are rockin', don't come knockin' sign on door to man cave

@wicche @lennie was just thinking this hahaha i know im a ~millenial but i def have not seen that yellow everywhere. especially compared to that pink

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