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tall boys are the closest i will ever get to a straight man

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Sorry to you hoes but my complete lack of virality has given me a healthy relationship with the internet


I accidentally spent way too much money on soup so much so that I’m actually upset but it is very tasty and satisfying

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I will never forget @ponfarr saying “i guarantee you this kid is in a group chat with her boring friends called “meme team”” what a sick burn that was.

Imagine being a villager,,, or a townsperson

That fandom was amazing at identifying songs for amvs

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Found my middle school homestuck playlists

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Hello, I wrote about a movie called THE SINNERS that has Satanism, Catholic schools, roses, and boning in the Lord's library, please read it thanks!!!

people at work are so funny. i send out a monthly events listing email and without fail every month after the email goes out someone replies and says oh i forgot to submit can you include this event on the email?? which maybe they fundamentally dont understand how email works

Whee paper done just have to clean up the formatting and send it in in the morning

another day another explaining to my friends that when you enter a new tax bracket and are taxed at a higher rate you will still be taking home more money than when you were earning less and at a lower tax bracket no matter how stiff the taxes may seem (with exceptions for bs welfare cliffs)

yeahhhh i hate that place but i dont know if theres adult dermatologists who exist who aren't shills for fillers and stuff

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agh my derm has a tik tok i should get a different one

once i identify a gift for someone i cannot wait at all to give it like fuck

i really need to find the time to make a proper study guide

struggled so badly w my stats hw this week im in trouble

i cant figure out brioche stitch oh my god

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