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tall boys are the closest i will ever get to a straight man

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Sorry to you hoes but my complete lack of virality has given me a healthy relationship with the internet

roman history 

lmao octavius caused a housing crisis by murdering too many people and dropping the bottom out of the market

Wordle 213 5/6 


i can't believe that alpine gaul is cis


v proud of how these look. and taste.

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it’s 23°f outside (189°C for the metric system gang) and I’m wearing a long black pea coat with the lil hook things on the shoulders

At what point does the number of terry pratchett books I own become farcical

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Alcohol joke 

Me: I believe in science
Science: drinking doesn't actually keep you warm and decreases your body temperature which is...
Me: Shut up (drinks hot alcoholic toady) ah, much warmer now

ok 2 more hours and then i can have a walk. in the sun!

sometimes i think im too blunt in my emails but im not rude at all and other people are just too wordy.

yesss my anime keychain arrived my decent has begun

i will never not take my lunch, that is my vow

one side of my face is really more round than the other


i put zaatar on my bagel and it is so good

it is actually wild that a single teacher is able to handle a class of 25 5-year olds. how did ms. shapiro do that. we were all pretty scared of her.

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