boomers really don't want anyone to remember that they were called the "me" generation huh

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@Dayglochainsaw i mean,,, its a bit of a survivor bias with that one isnt it

@ponfarr i guess but also, can you imagine being like, some 19yo who fought nazis on the seine and then came home to sire an entire generation of angry failsons. like what a bummer that must have been

@ponfarr "i grew up during the depression and i went to foreign shores to get shot at by germans while trying to stop a genocide, so why the hell are my kids so fucking shitty"

@Dayglochainsaw ok lol you're really valorizing american soldier's motivations when they did not really care about european jews

@ponfarr aight idk maybe everyone is shitty but i guess my point is at least they Did Stuff instead of just paying forty dollars for a college degree, getting a job in Asbestos Sales, and then spending the next forty years getting mad at the tv

@ponfarr maybe it is a just a thing for every previous generation to hate the next generation and vice versa

@Dayglochainsaw yeah i would say that. we need to blame whichever generation came before boomers more bc that's who's still holding on and running our government. altho i reject like this generational divide on an individual level

@ponfarr there are some days when i unironically think we should do a logan's run type thing that gets capped at around 60

@ponfarr It was a criticism aimed at them by the previous generation, wasn’t it? People who’d grown up with austerity disapproving of people who’d grown up with abundance.

@ponfarr We’re used to boomers as the oppressors now, but there’s still a whole cycle of conservative myth/history that blames everything on the hippies.

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