Ice water is like the best drink cuz the ice melts and just makes more water


Ngl just going and being able to go about anywhere in the country and get free food and a drink is kinda nice. The store I need to run an errand at isn't open for an hour

the past tense of william shakespeare is wouldiwas shookspeared

Yesterday sucked so bad it's carrying over into today and it's my one day off and I don't have a car anymore and i have to be at work at 06:30 tomorrow and I'm just gonna cry instead of be ok today that's my new plan

cryptocurrencies are mlm schemes for people who think they're too smart and 'rational' to fall for scams or trends

Insurrectionary politics 

I'm not saying it would solve all of MY problems, but like giving a fuck ton of weapons to QTBIPOCs would probably be more interesting than voting and solve a lot more problems in general

me: Donde esta la biblioteca
them: (complicated directions I don't understand)
me: Gracias

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My trucks broken and I think I need a new starter and I don't get paid til who the fuck knows

Today a sex worker tried to solicit me on the street for the first time in my life

I do not want to go to work today and then help my friend move but

Cishets can't stand being unsure of somebody's pronouns, but also can't stand asking

Coffee Review 

⭐💵 Veranda Blend Blonde Roast

This one is already off to a better based off the smell and color of the beans. my pour over is blooming right now.

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