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knocking out all the vegan gatekeeps in one post. please be offended thanks 

straight edge without veganism isnt valid
anarchism without veganism isnt valid
shoplifting non-vegan items isnt valid
drinking coffee without veganism isnt valid
using plastic without veganism isnt valid
filing your taxes without veganism isnt valid
strolling through the woods without veganism isnt valid
developing deep, loving mutual connections without veganism isn't valid
animal sacrifice without veganism isnt valid

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Cursed Lewd Math 

If you slept with 3 people a day and the average penis length in the US is 5.5 inches you would have to sleep with approximately 11,540 people over the the course of ~10.5 years to have a mile of dick inside of you

Like “you’re just chasing a reward”

Yeah so is everybody

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I love when people (largely techbros and new age white “spiritualists”) talk about how humans are always chasing dopamine like it’s a bad thing when that’s literally just like what being a living creature is.

Only studying the racist parts of history is so fucking obviously sus white men stop pretending you’re doing something good and just outright say it please so I can hit you

I don’t wanna cry on the phone anymore
I need you
I’ve been
Lying on the floor and
Oh I know it’s gross
I seen it all before
I’m thinking of the mirror
That’s hanging on your door
And I’m better than before
But not that great


Ya know I may appear on here to not have it very together, and that’s mostly true, but a lot of people love me and hold me together ok so know I’m at least ok

Somebody come officiate my trans gay marriage

You go “thrifting”
I walk into the dressing room in baggy clothes and walk out with 2-3 new outfits underneath we are not the same

My vape is dying. I’m not employed. We will see how this goes. (Music venue ashtrays are gold mines)

I wonder how many people have me in their phone as some variation of “(slur) from (bar)” because it’s gotta be a nonzero number


I love how all my friends have these beautiful works of art covering their bodies and I got like fuckin scribbles on me and shit lmao

Asking for pet help 

Hey my dog loves car rides but she always screams like a banshee when she’s in the car what can I do to curb this behavior without muzzling her? It’s so loud and rambunctious that it makes it dangerous for the driver

What’s up with trans girl best friends falling off the face of the planet for like a while then hitting you up like nothing happened? We ALL do it. Stop acting like you’re innocent

I’m at my wit's end
before I knew it had started

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