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knocking out all the vegan gatekeeps in one post. please be offended thanks 

straight edge without veganism isnt valid
anarchism without veganism isnt valid
shoplifting non-vegan items isnt valid
drinking coffee without veganism isnt valid
using plastic without veganism isnt valid
filing your taxes without veganism isnt valid
strolling through the woods without veganism isnt valid
developing deep, loving mutual connections without veganism isn't valid
animal sacrifice without veganism isnt valid

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Cursed Lewd Math 

If you slept with 3 people a day and the average penis length in the US is 5.5 inches you would have to sleep with approximately 11,540 people over the the course of ~10.5 years to have a mile of dick inside of you


Just made shroom tea out of 2g the strongest shrooms in the world so wish me luck. Not a big dose but it’ll be what I need


If where you are allows it you and your friends should open carry together

Anybody know any addiction support groups that are not religiously affiliated?

Please boost!!! I’m in the Sacramento area

no one ever talks about how hard it is to be extremely attractive and beloved by everyone

If you want to get to the root of a problem write about it and your feelings about it in toki pona.

Gaping my inguinal canals so I can tuck my massive testicles up there so cissies won’t stare at my crotch

Coffee opinion 

Chemexes fucking suck for making coffee get a v60

Crawling by linkin park isn’t at a trans song but at the same time it’s an extremely trans song

The whole “you just gotta feel your feelings” only works if you can tell when you’re having feelings.

If ice is water why the fuck does it float huh

Meme image with gun 

Stolen from tumblr because it makes me smile

Please stop selling uranium to people on TikTok as a crystal.

Yo I want my belly button pierced so bad and I can never get one 😭😭😭

Pics of me (Selfies, EC, boosts +) 

Me as Keanu, not long for this world.

Saying audiobooks isn’t reading is just straight ableism

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