Anybody know any addiction support groups that are not religiously affiliated?

Please boost!!! I’m in the Sacramento area

@scout Keep a look out for SMART Recovery. A couple years ago I read a book by one of the founding members. They're a secular, science based recovery support program.

@scout I wish I knew, but I'm absolutely boosting for you. I had to break a 5 year vicodin addiction without any help at all. Had there been any secular assistance programs available, I would have gotten better faster.

Best of luck to you. Addiction is one of the hardest yet also most rewarding challenges to overcome. My thoughts are with you.

@scout There is something called Rational Recovery that has no god. Just watch out for any program that recommends moderation instead of abstinence. That definitely doesn’t work. Having had bad religious experiences, I didn’t want to do AA but I was able to get through it using the “god of my understanding” loophole. Made up a “god” that was essentially my higher self and used it as the placeholder in my intellectual exercise of getting sober. It worked. Hugs. #Recovery

@NDSeeker yeah I got a lot of religious trauma I don’t need to mix those feelings with my alcoholism

@NDSeeker I’ll go to AA if I can’t find anything else cuz I can always just not go back and trying something is better than doing nothing

@scout same. I put off going, but it did give me guidelines, information and support. I did it for two years, and while I rolled my eyes internally quite a lot, it did work. I just passed 23 years sober.

@NDSeeker congrats I’m a week after today! My longest without alcohol was 2 years but I was on other hard drugs during that time so I haven’t been sober in like 10 years

@scout congrats on a week. That first part is the hardest.

@NDSeeker yeah I had pretty bad shakes for a day or so but luckily nothing too serious now besides super intense cravings

@scout oh good. I’m glad that passed. Please forgive the unsolicited advice, but keeping lots of sweets around for a while can help ease the cravings. Cookies are good. ❤️

about 12-step 

@scout US cities tend to have humanist 12-step groups available. AA-type support groups do have good track records for sobriety, for many reasons. I think a concept of a 'higher power' functions against the habit of self-medicating discomforts; emotional; detox; etc. It provides a reason for patience when things feel bleak. Letting discomfort have its time, knowing it will pass. Sometimes it may be enough to just have faith that a body can heal, and a mind can clear. #health

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