Just got permanently banned from twitter for calling an open neo-Nazi a bigot because he said Hitler was right to burn LGBT research and massacre LGBT people. He did not get banned.

Carlsbad, CA: the town brave enough to answer Michael Jackson's eternal question, "Who's bad?"

A guest is very angry that I won't let her cancel part of her reservation without penalty because it's supposed to rain. Like does she think I'm Poseidon?

I can tell it's early season because Unwritten is playing in the club and it feels like an aftershock and not the earthquake that breaks LA into the ocean. Too few white women for the impact of the song to be felt

When a girl in the club is wearing the signature fragrance of a girl you liked in seventh grade that you thought was discontinued and the Kill Bill sirens go off in your head

What's Whitney Houston's favorite type of coordination? 


Olivia Rodrigo's delivery of the line "good for you" is the same as Christian Bale on the Terminator set

This guy is trying to use his veteran status and having just gotten home from being deployed to get sympathy and have me override policy on weekend two-night minimums like I give a shit he didn't see his wife while he was overseas killing brown people so he can buy a Dodge Charger

A check I was expecting today did not clear and I'm overdrawn by $35. It should clear by tomorrow but if anyone can spare anything until then, I would appreciate it.

Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

You ever make eye contact with a white woman and think, "she's gonna ruin a biracial child one day" in the loudest voice your inner monologue can make?

I'm purplepilled (been to many places, seen so many faces, etc.)

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