Black Monday rules and I'm mad I'm just finding this out

Sorry to be posting another one of these but rent is about to be due and I still haven't found work, and I'm extremely behind. I was able to pay last month's rent (very late but it happened) thanks to you guys and my family, and I'm very grateful. I understand we're all having hard times, but anything helps.

Venmo: @steviemcfly

Cash App: $steviexmcfly

If you wake up suddenly sounding like Meryl, you might have Streep throat

I'm glad I was born in the era of good nicknames, after they'd run through things like Soda Pop and Sweater Boy Jones

My friend came over with a few beers last night and I'm now dead, DNR, just shove my corpse in a cannon and shoot me into space

I can't believe my birthday is a week from tomorrow, this year has both flown by and been absolutely eternal

I can't believe I only made it two days into starting an exercise routine before completely falling tf off

Our AC units are apparently connected to the ones upstairs, and our new neighbors have switched to heat, so even though it's 75 degrees, I can't put on the AC. I'm glistening friends

The movie ET is roughly the halfway mark between the end of WWII and today

Anyway in 10 days I'm going to be as old as dude was when I first met him so time is weird

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There's no moral to this story, I just remembered it, and remembered yung homie asking us to hide him, then homegirl's dad coming up and being like, "I'm not mad, I just want to tell him not to be a dick to my kid and be safe"

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Now, he didn't change his way of existing at all, but a long haired barefaced man is a lot less intimidating than a baldheaded goatee guy. Lookin like a damn skin. One of the younger dudes in the scene, who was about a year older than his daughter, apparently had been talking to her behind the scenes. They ended up making out in our homie's van, and the dad caught them, and he wasn't mad, but he looked intimidating as fuck and homeboy skrrted tf away

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When I first got into the punk scene proper when I was in high school, there was a guy who started coming to shows who was 32 and had gotten a girl pregnant at 19-20. He started going to shows when he was 12-13, so he'd bring out his daughter, who was 12-13 the time. He was and is a complete sweetheart, but around the time she was 15, he shaved his head and grew a goatee.

I wish the constant boredom and persistent dark fog of dread breaking my sense of time didn't inspire me to want to drink, because hangovers are bad. On the other hand it does split up time somewhat

British people say the name Craig like they're Tom DeLonge, grow up

*to the tune of Rooster in My Rari* soup, it's for my family

Bolivia has shown its dedication to the Live MÁS mentality

I'm like an onion in that sometimes I make me cry

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