Tonight my friend invented the Baja Blast martini

My arm feels like I got punched in homeroom back in high school

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One of every pair of NY sports teams has to end in "ets," I don't make the rules

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The Islanders should have to rename themselves, if only to piss off their fans (cops who live in Suffolk County)

My immune system is already at work on this Moderna I can feel it, it's not too bad but I feel like dose 2 is gonna be wild

I was able to pay rent thanks to you guys! I'm still tight so I won't turn down anything but if there are people in more dire situations, support those posts instead. Thank you!

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I used to be smart but the pandemic has rendered my brain as smooth as Sade's operator

"I got hose in different area codes" --The Long Fireman

"oaf" made a comeback so i like palooka's chances

Still welcoming donations for, like, the sake of the day-to-day until I get paid, but someone did send the $50, thank you so much

Sorry to ask for help again but I'm about $50 short on rent and with my building having new owners, I really want to make sure it gets paid. I had it and then some bills cleared before the new owners set up the online payment portal. As always, I really appreciate anything anyone can spare and/or a boost and/or just being patient with this coming across your dash.


Cash App: $steviexmcfly

But actually thank everyone who popped in to watch any or all of it and also anyone who has watched any of my other streams

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The 18 hour fundraising stream raised no funds, but it did further fuck up my sleep schedule

There have been White Claws in my fridge for like two weeks and I haven't touched them, which is good for me I think

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