al, yo, and i are keeping masto selfie culture alive

when will the idea that fat acceptance and liberation has nothing to do with fat people liking our bodies really sink in tho

i feel rage that me and my fat friends have noticed significant differences in our medical care since drs appts went to phone during the pandemic and they can't immediately see we're fat

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my old coworker told me that knowing me and seeing my journey helped her be a better parent when her child came out as trans and now im crying

out of the 15 presenters featured during the online science festival today 5 were trans and i think thats epic as hell

like i think of everyone ive ever met and talked to even just a little bit on a regular basis even if its someone i havent talked to in years but something in my brain just doesnt believe that is true for me even though obviously its true its not like i cease to exist when im not around others. definitely a self confidence thing i guess idk

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a few years ago i was doing news spots a lot and i met this one news anchor who was cool as hell and she just messaged me to tell me she hopes im doing well and that she thinks about my presentations a lot and she hopes the museum knows how much they effed up by getting rid of me. that made me feel good but also my brain does not compute the whole "people thinking about me" thing

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sometimes (a lot of the time) i forget that im like. a continuous entity that exists in peoples brains even when im not around.

hating them is absolutely allowed, but i categorically do not

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i love to mention :tfb: , have someone tell me they suck, and then tell them i have a :tfb: tattoo lol

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