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if my account had music on autoplay itd play this on shuffle:
1. freak nasty - meg thee stallion
2. weed pin - drug church
3. how simple - hop along

im having some and it feels like spring
happy saturday

try when you wake up to let the sun in and blast some oldies. good way to start the day

making @dirt a mod so its easier to ignore her reports is a 4d chess game i honestly would not have expected from jake tbh

my sack lunch bunch application:

my biggest fear is not being there when someone I love needs me and something horrible happening to them as a result

real swirlz fans only: which pants are more iconic?

website landing page: enter site
me: thanks i'd love to

gonna rewatch this today cause I really really loved it a lot

Hi I can't stop thinking about this (intense Jake Gyllenhaal eye contact)

what are the sex pervert sports?
people who play badminton - confirmed perverts
cross country running - 100% in the perv zone
those people who walk on a rope tied between two trees in the park? yes

I made up sins to tell at confession cause there's no way I'm snitching, least of all on myself

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