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me, adorning myself like a peacock: dont look at me

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What you thought was farts and poop noises on the bathroom was actually my Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding


I still have Kermit the Frog saying "Alexander Hamilton" stuck in my head.

well, i made myself laugh and thats all that matters. right boys?

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Bought my first ever pair of chucks today at the goodwill for 5 bucks.

Ootd, dirty mirror selfie, ec

treating myself and getting some embroidery needles, a few clothing patterns, and some basic fabric stock to help me flesh out some ideas ive had for a while :blobcatdab:

i just throw darts at printouts of the tl and have my interns boost whatever i hit

starting to feel attached to the idea of a wall potato the way that potato attached to the wall

im so sweaty i did this at jo for 10 min before recording this

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ok so imagine this except if i had those light up rave gloves. would be sick right?

I'm tryna set up a lil outdoor beach diner. This is phase one

every few hours or so i remember that we're just in a pandemic free fall over here and i :yell2:

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