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why i have an account on mastodon 


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my brain has been full on broken since i finished that big writing project i need to get myself in gear

pessimism on 100 

idk whether its just the late winter blues or my anxiety disorder but i feel like the next few months are gonna be bad in a new way

going to art school so i can be better at drawings boys who i am gay for

@Manurweibling been obsessed with the album Boys Cry by Oscar Scheller and i think you might like it toooo
you know i
do what i do to survive
starting to feel like i might not make it out alive
who told you boys dont cry?
tellin you now thats a lie
:yell2: :yell2:

i did this makeup at noon and i havent had to reapply my lipstick since. its metallic matte catsuit by wet n wild, A+

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If you’ve got time to lean, you should do it. It’s like standing but with some of the advantages of lying down. I’m leaning right now. Tight

those dollar store grab bag toys filled with water where you push a button for a little bead to go into a hole but it struggles to really get through the water and you also have to use gravity. and it really doesn't work? that is my brain

jo and i have been in our current place for 5 years and even tho its been way too small for awhile i have such anxiety about moving to a new place cause of all that bs gahhhhhh but we really need more space

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that year was fucking wild i managed to move into a new place fairly quickly and then the pipes in the laundry room at that place froze and burst THREE SEPERATE TIMES in the first month because the fuckin landlord added an UNINSULATED laundry room to the back of the house legit i came home from class one time to our laundry room and kitchen being full on ice rinks

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how did they make out with a mattress you may ask, well it was right after the apt got condemned by the fire department but before we could arrange to have stuff "safely" removed. they took appliances and all the copper too, pretty sure it was an inside job of my landlord

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i remember in college some rando ranting about how gross it would be to have a second hand mattress and ive literally only ever had second hand mattresses lmao.
mattress fun fact, my apt got fully burglarized when i was 20 and they took my roommates mattress but they didnt take mine cause it was old and also had period stains on it

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