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why i have an account on mastodon 


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-My urethra feels normal!
-There is something wrong with my urethra!

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Theres 2 kinds of posts
-I feel pretty good!
-I feel pretty bad!

selfie of me with new hair. i forgot to describe and cw the other one 

t shirt: im the chick who sucks, plus i got acid reflux

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me: *about to queue up Wolfman by The Front Bottoms 5 times in a row*

jo: youre so depressed

im doing a charity thing! :boost_ok:

as part of an activism art
exhibition i gotta enter for my art course, im gonna raise a whole bunch of cash via gofundme, send the cash to a homeless charity in the town i live in, then staple the reciept to the wall of the exhibition. its gonna rule

as part of it, i'm selling paintings! i think 瞿40 is a reasonable amount for these. drop me a DM to check if its available, then send me the gofundme reciept thing. cool


the children of the village are landing kickflips at the village cross for st wandrews day

winter is gonna be fucking rough and i dont even know what to do to try and mitigate it. i wont be able to take as many walks, wont be able to utilize the parks as much, i can already feel my motivations for my hobbies decaying spent 20 min just staring at the piano yesterday. still applying for jobs and getting nothing back. truly what else is there to do but accept that i basically just have to be chronically, seasonally, and situationally depressed until??? something ??? happens???

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perfecting the balance of giving way too much of a shit about everything and knowing nothing matters at all

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personally i dont actually like feeling this way all the fucking time, but alas, i am but a momentary speck in the continuous sludgery of time, so fuck me right

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