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i have decided to use this pride month to try on they/he pronouns for size
thats all
thank u,

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why i have an account on mastodon 


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Nonprofit executive director Kristin Martin just moved into a new Malibu home. He asked a gems dealer to “crystallize” the space with good vibes.

Asked if he recalled how much he spent, he told [author of article]: “I don’t, honey. I have no clue about that kind of stuff.”

:Jokee: :realgun2:

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this article focuses on ppl who furnished with GIGANTIC CRYSTAL FURNITURE to "imbue their new spaces with wellness"

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reading about how last year there was a trend of rich people buying extra properties solely to refurbish as a way to spend their time and losing my mind

When you find a chair like this, you really gotta go all out on the douchebag facial expression

I need to be supervised while I eat dinner, otherwise anything could happen :shankly:

i hope that if there is an established old lady gang they welcome me instead of beating me up with pool noodles

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i cant believe eugen literally murdered my whole family thats crazy

Sparser evolutions of abstract landscapes. Black gel pen. A3.

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