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I dressed like Spinner from Degrassi all weekend

my bespoke fashion prediction is that there is gonna be a trend over the next few years of shoes being so big they border on clown shoes. like platforms on steroids. cartoonish proportions. especially boots and dress shoe versions. might even end up being a defining feature of the 2020s. fashion historians will point to early echos seen in trendy low angle fashion pics that accentuate the shoe and foot.

like don't get me wrong I fucked with metro station hard in 2007 but come on lmao

this stemmed from them being mad about someone asserting that the strokes ended the reign of nu metal

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I'm sorry but I just saw someone unironically state that Metro Station was more influential than the White Stripes 😶😂

I have shocked myself with 120V twice in three days and it has fucked with my brain immensely today. Also I'm 39 now.

heard that on TikTok like months ago and it has been an incredibly persistent earworm

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relatedly there needs to be more public picnic tables. I was roaming around Penn campus looking for somewhere I could simply sit and work outside at the same time and the choices are abysmal.

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people were using the picnic table in the park I had planned my entire morning walk around sitting at to make lists and I only had a minor mental freakout :)

It's a shame that I have so many great thoughts and ideas about art and technology but my only outlet for them is my lucrative career as a country western superstar so I can only really talk about them in terms of divorce, heartache, country living & etc

Thanks to everyone who joined me as I fleshed out the chair on stream tonight.

During next week’s Wednesday evening office hours I’ll be adding the final details on the legs and texturing.

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Blocked out a bunch more detail, watch me build the taper for the front legs and then wrap up for the night @

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Somebody should write a sentence that encapsulates a specific experience while alluding to more universal themes.

There should be a type of bowl that spins at 3000rpm if it senses a fly landing in my soup

and also now I'm super excited again for the event and like coursing with creative energy for it

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still in shock how stuff worked out today I feel invincible 😤😤

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