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andrew bird on insta 

have i mentioned how much i love andrew bird?
oh do i love andrew bird

Angus likes to get up on top of the wardrobe to stare at the reflections of passing cars on the wall, and then very deliberately knock things to the floor one by one when he gets bored

Job Interviewer: so where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Me: the bottom of a river. let's talk compensation

whenever someone tells me they’re caught in an “unfortunate situation” i immediately stop what i’m doing and take some time out of my busy day to hand-deliver one of mike “the situation” sorrentino’s lines from the hit reality tv show Jersey Shore. and then i help them of course

i make fun of choo choo for having no neck but im just projecting

@swirlz instance block recommendation skull dot website for harboring known straights

i rarely see the word straight typed out this much it looks like a fake word

there are like these ridiculous dramatic cut scenes in between the interviews with annoying tech dudes who all talk the same way. you know the cadence

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im watching that documentary
the social dilemma
v corny

haters said it wasnt possible....but the bedroom floor is officially CLEAR of clothing

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