someone sent me the Lenny Kravitz Big Scarf pic so guess what... I am no longer mentally ill :)


mood! vibes! energy!!!!!!!!
this is it!!!
and it always has been!!!

i remember when i first saw this. i was a mess for weeks. i was rebirthed

this is at least one and one half beach towels worth of fabric

i love it. its decadent. its comfortable. its a way to obscure your mortal form. its camouflage. its a lighthouse. its white noise and a fire alarm.

i respond to lenny kravitz in this scarf in a way i have not and never will again in my entire life

wont you join me on this journey?

take a look, for a moment, at lenny in this scarf.

imagine yourself as lenny. now imagine yourself as the scarf. return to your role as the viewer. repeat.

that scarf is a hug, a burden, an omen, an expression, and an inconsequential moment in space time.

its that time of the afternoon
time to look at lenny's scarf

rambling about fabric and gender bc Mood 

rambling about fabric and gender bc Mood 

rambling about fabric and gender bc Mood 

@JohnBrownJr @remulacfrommars he is ready to lay that thing on the ground, bust out his guitar and give us a small, intimate performance in the back of a shop

@swirlz how did he get uggs so baggy too

are those cargo pockets on them?

@swirlz this is the home to which we are all trying to return. a soft embrace

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