how the fuck is anyone supposed to focus on school work right now

if this happened during my undergrad i 100% would have ended up failing out this semester. its fucking gross that profs are keeping the same workload/adding more!!! in some cases.

@velexiraptor im really hoping university admins get their heads out of their ass a realize theyre fucking over more students by not just calling the semester/enforcing pass/fail instead of graded assignmenta than otherwise. i hope that there is some more understanding for everyone in yr position <3

@swirlz it's already pass/fail here but wow i still don't understand how ppl are even supposed to pass under this much stress

@velexiraptor damn yeah schools near us still havent even adopted pass/fail.
i more meant like, they shouldnt require anymore graded work at all, only very minimal readings and shit. idk. im not a professor but id definitely be handling this 10000% differently than most.

@swirlz my union has fought hard against requiring us to work from home, and I love them for it. How am I supposed to focus on teaching in my current situation. Sure, I have “free time” but I’m also sick. Real question: can I call in sick from distance teaching?

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