have you seen this photo of seagulls stealing meatballs? its perfect

@swirlz @swirlz now that I think about it, I don't recall my family (who have been beachgoers for generations) ever bringing a single snack to the beach, clearly this lesson was learned and handed down by my ancestors long ago lol

@swirlz they're just reminding the group to gtfo the beach there's a pandemic going on

@benhamill @swirlz xDi read “picknicking” first. ... that was the joke, wasn't it? :mastozany:

@phr @swirlz I have to be honest and tell you no. But I’m also disappointed that it wasn’t. 🤦🏻‍♂️

@swirlz this is a fucking masterpiece the likes of which put da Vinci et al to shame

@swirlz in my town, we call these people “tourists” and those birds “assholes”.

@swirlz what do you mean "photo", I've seen the bastards do it irl a dozen times

@swirlz It's the perfect cover art for Seagulls Stealing Meatballs' first album.

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