@Thomas i mostly just attempt lawful evil, forget the #, find the approximate place and then read 2 pages only to realize im like 10 pages behind where i stopped

@swirlz how would you classify using another, smaller book?

@Galdrakinn lol i have done this. i feel like this falls somewhere between nuetral evil and chaotic evil

@swirlz I'm not sure. I feel like leaf could be subsumed into chaotic good, and smaller book could occupy chaotic neutral. Both neutral evil and chaotic evil change the physical condition of the book that's being marked, which popping another smaller book into the book doesn't. Unless you then try to stack them, which I totally haven't ever done.

@Galdrakinn @swirlz I am giggling *so hard* right now because I have *absolutely done this*

@swirlz in college I was definitely chaotic good. All of my book marks were old paper wristbands I got from going to bars.


everything except dogear

also, no highlighting, underlining, or marginalia

receipts are my goto


why yes, thank you, I *will* actually take the receipt

also, so I don't get tackled by the non-existent floor staff in the few seconds and dozen yards it takes me to exit the store for suspected shoplifting

imaginary bookstore cops are the *worst&

@swirlz I am a true neutral because people like to bring me pretty bookmarks from their travels, like a beautiful wood one from Hawaii or a lace one from Belgium

@swirlz but also I have a bunch of paint samples that I use for bookmarks, preferably matched to the color of the cover

@Pixley oooo thats cute. it does make sense people would give u pretty bookmarks. i have historically misplaced bookmarks which is why i lean on the evil methods

@swirlz I think all the evil methods are fine with your own books, although I don't ever leave books facedown because it's so hard on the spine. But books are meant to be used!

@swirlz where does tear out and burn every page you've read fall on this scale asking for a friend

@swirlz What about just remembering where I am in every book? Like, not by page number, but by content

@MoMartin thats what i end up having to do cause i dont remember the page numbers anyway hahah

@swirlz i WAS dog ear until my grandma found out a few months ago and got horrified and bought me the post it bookmarks (because like. we literally couldn't find a book mark for sale in this town?)

@swirlz every time i see this im super pissed. lawful evil is clearly face down, neutral is dog ear, and chaotic is page number

@swirlz @_ and what is just finding a page/paragraphs that feel familiar.

@hope @swirlz that's just memorizing page number. you know nobody actually achieves that shit

@_ @swirlz surely chaotic ever is tearing the corner or leaving a crunchy cheeto in the saved page.

@gonz0 nothing imo its my fav. some people act like it physically hurta them tho

@swirlz its what ive always used. anything else is extra lol. you can just unfold the page and flatten it when youre done.

@swirlz I aspire to true neutral (I have over a dozen lovely well crafted bookmarks in my bookmark draw) but always end up chaotic evil or chaotic good (better books will end up good)

@swirlz where is tucking the book jacket!!! i always tuck the book jacket or dog-ear if it's thicc boocc

@swirlz if I'm honest, this is the only bookmark alignment chart I accept

@swirlz chaotic good or lawful evil, nothing adjacent or in between

@swirlz What's so bad about memorizing the page?

I'm the entire lawful column.

@swirlz What if I laminate my own leaves? I should start doing that... In reality, memorizing page numbers of ebook pdfs, so mostly evil depending how I sat my kindle down.

@swirlz Whoops, I used to be the whole evil row too. I try to avoid dog ears nowadays though! And having an ereader makes things a lot easier! :D

@swirlz mix of chaotic good , chaotic neutral or neutral evil lol

@swirlz I am somewhere between Chaotic Good and True Neutral (I have a deck of cheap playing cards that I use)

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