when i was 13 i was like...im gonna marry this mind freak

@swirlz due to podcasts i now know that apparently chris angel is still doing vegas shows and apparently they kinda suck and also there is a long weird bit where he talks about pediatric cancer for like five minutes

@Dayglochainsaw but yes he has had a show for so long in vegas i wanna go so bad


@Dayglochainsaw as a kid i never understood the draw of vegas and now as an adult im like, yes i think i would like to experience the worst we have to offer

@swirlz its the same force which drives me to look at shrek x dr. doofenshmirtz vore mpreg fanart, except in real life

@swirlz thanks ngl i spent a good thirty seconds trying to come up with the worst possible thing i could

@swirlz im the best at what i do, chiefly because no one else wants to do it

@swirlz @Dayglochainsaw Vegas whips ass I saw a zombie themed burlesque show and an "adult" cirque de Soleil. Also europeans love to ask you if you know where to get coke. A+++

@Laser @swirlz @Dayglochainsaw hell yeah vegas whips ass, have i ever talked about the time someone here asked if i wanted coke while i was walking


@Laser @swirlz @Dayglochainsaw so it was thanksgiving 2019, and we all were walking from one casino to the other. this dude was wearing a hoodie, sunglasses, and gym shorts, at night, and as we were walking by, he leaned over to me and said "you want some cocaine?" and as soon as i realized what he said, i turned around and he was just fucking gone

@Laser @swirlz @Dayglochainsaw a little over a full year ago but yeah i was a child at the time

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