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@Pixley I encouraged the bitmoji revival in hopes that I could finally figure it out.

did you know the property brothers make music? I did not

If I do have a ghost in my house they are most likely italian, which means they are a gabaghoul. Thank you #TopToots #WorldHeritageToot

google dot com is Domino's pizza tracker real?

I'm thinking about how after Trump got elected we were all told we would see a flourishing of art under this newfound cultural conservative duress, and yet every single piece of "resistance" media has been just the most embarrassing shit.

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the hyper local is crumbling and many blame @Laser for switching phone carriers

@swirlz that stuff covering 71% of our planet? Clearly irrelevant

side note: snails can also carry diseases and parasites (like literal brain worms) that can be passed to humans which is one of the many reasons I am anti-snail based skincare

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heres the shout out they get from the paper I'm reading
"It has been estimated that only .00002-.003% of the world's species are used as a source for modern drugs/discovery. Sea snails, "nature's combinatorial chemistry factories" produce a diverse array of conotoxins, typically 10-30 amino acids in length, and active at many mammalian drug targets."

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I have gotten into arguments about this with old retired white engineers who tell me studying the ocean doesnt actively help people. the #1 antiviral used to treat HIV/AIDS came from a sea sponge. first non addictive alternative to morphine? sea snail.

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sea snails and sponges are honestly prolific in this sense

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sea snails getting a shout out in this dense as fuck sci paper about drug discovery

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Please stop using the report function on anime posts. Bully instead.

@pisscotheque if you go to the city you can see real life rats and roaches clipping through the irregular geometry trying to get into our homes

do people outside of philly know about philly muffins? they're like a cross between English muffins and a bagel

person next to me at this coffee shop looks just like @garfield and I'm shook

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