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sack lunch bunch spoiler 

this David Byrne number



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I have met a kid like every kid in this. I love it so much

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The low level thrill of wearing jeans to work on Friday

real swirlz fans only: which pants are more iconic?

my very thick bush is visible through my jeans. its bulletproof

☠️Mod Announcement☠️ 

Our pal, @dirt@ is a mod now.

For years and years, a person used my email address as like, their garbage email address and I got this woman in Ohio's Chili's receipts and teacher conference signup reminders, and I really felt like I got to know her

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It took longer than it would have if I had planned a little better but I am now satisfied with the overall column.

Not I just need to add some inset detail and a pattern to go above the arch.

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If my cat ever gave me a disease I would tell him thank you

turned on mom jeans video and he's wearing a soul glo shirt lol

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