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I’m here to post and reject follow requests and I haven’t come up with anything worth posting

Ask me anything and I’ll reply with a convincing lie.

*yes* we’ve averaged more than one murder a day for the past month but what you have to understand is that it has been very hot

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Kinda figured we’d be one of the later cities to catch some feds. Shut up about our murder rate.

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You can make nachos with Doritos. Any flavor. Nobody can stop you.

Trying to think of where I’d be able to wear this hat and the only thing I can come up with is “everywhere”

U2 sucks shit. Nobody listens to Pearl Jam. Van Halen sucks

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It’s time we come to terms with the fact that *most* Gen X rock music sucks. Notable exceptions include Pixies and Dinosaur Jr

My chest hair is shaped like a phoenix spreading its wings

I’ve never listened to Chapo because if I want to hear a dipshit white guy’s opinion I can just open my dumb mouth

Huge fan of Sam Aleums ability to make music. I knew they were a musician but I didn’t know how good until now!

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Wiki tells me that Chuck Wendig is on Mastodon but that can't be true because I would have heard about him being bullied off by now

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