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This I where I post all my swear words

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I’m here to post and reject follow requests and I haven’t come up with anything worth posting

The only ghosts I respect are the ones that suck you off like the one in Ghostbusters

Fuck witches, hex me bitch I'm ready to die

I'll do this for $0. I just want it to be official. Send me a case of beans and a t-shirt that says RANCH STYLE and I'm good.

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I simply want to rep your beans. Let me have this

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There are like, maybe 3 normal people and I'm one of them

anime thomas 

Anime is crap because it stole my beard

The link starts after the very bad skit at the beginning, lol

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Had this in my head all day today. Finna go hit the Quan on my block

Maybe a more polite thing to say is that she's very pretty

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Plus it's my understanding that she will be given a giant robot of some kind

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I get people simping for AOC but also Ilhan is like.... right there

Bullshit that people here get sent lewd messages on that tellonym thing but I only get legit questions

I was watching AOC play video games but now I'm watching Extinct draw

What the terrible receptionist at my doctor's office doesn't realize is that I will, in fact, wait all damn day

Remember in American Pie how they partnered up the big forehead guy with the big forehead girl? That was nice, people should do that in real life

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