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hi, i'm vee i am 31 and live in england. i am queer and non binary but don't feel comfortable being called enby or trans masc. i have a partner who has a very good cat that i'm gonna live with when the world is less on fire. i will likely talk about knitting whilst fat and low income (on disability benefits and don't work), little bit of tarot and just day to day life chat.

used to be cruelintestines on 4eva and gfsw.

spent 10 days working with a 90s deck called the gill tarot and the guidebook is weird but the art is fun. this is a 6 card deck interview spread and then look at this devil card lmao j'adore

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decided to just post really good readings / cards / decks on this thread and leave posting literally everything to my insta (which is aniseandopal if that's your thing)

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2) southern book club's guide to vampire slaying by grady hendrix - 2.5 ⭐ had some issues with this but it was a quick read, not totally sure this author is for me

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1) dawn by octavia e butler - 3.5 ⭐ pretty good, liked it a bunch but it didn't get up to love it, v much want to know more about the third / no gender aliens

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maybe i shall start a thread of books i read in 2022 and maybe this will be it

put some aew on to see what's occurring and the whole arena was singing along to chris jericho and there's some juggalos in the audience, i detest and adore wrestling so much it's such a terrible mess

we forgot it was sunday so the shops shut at 4 and ordered takeaway but it is taking so long and i am so hongry

my card of the year is chariot bc it's number seven. so here are seven chariots from seven of my tarot decks (that is most of my tarot decks)

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then i did a new year tarot spread i made up myself with six cards from the wild unknown tarot but the pocket version which is and cute
cards are top l-r - ace of cups, the fool, ace of wands (reversed), bottom r-l - mother of cups, strength (reversed), the lovers

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did a new year oracle spread, a single card from each of my three oracle decks and got crocodile, bluebell and sekhmet (the saltwater reading cards, the seed & sickle oracle, african goddess rising oracle)

i am quickly becoming very fond of oracle decks, just pulling one card at a time and giving myself a single thing to focus on that's more open for interpretation than tarot sometimes is

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closing out my year with this tarot / oracle combo

the six of cups reversed is a reminder not to resist change, which feels apt for a new year's eve daily card. deck is the wild unknown pocket tarot

the oracle is ragwort, a plant that is often considered a weed but is also the only food source for a particular moth. the deck is the seed & sickle oracle and it's beautiful imo

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i did also watch 75 garbage christmas films but i love them

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i actually extremely liked the harder they fall bc i am quite fond of modern westerns

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can't log in to laserdisc on my new phone bc i forgot which of my 97 emails i used for it but anyway i been watching some films

we're watching the new matrix can't wait to not have one single second of subtlety

slept til half past one today, what a lovely little treat for me

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