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hi, i'm vee i am 31 and live in england. i am queer and non binary but don't feel comfortable being called enby or trans masc. i have a partner who has a very good cat that i'm gonna live with when the world is less on fire. i will likely talk about knitting whilst fat and low income (on disability benefits and don't work), little bit of tarot and just day to day life chat.

used to be cruelintestines on 4eva and gfsw.

she's delighted by how many more people are going to read it and i very hope she and them all fall down a very deep well

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i know amazon is run by scumbags but making helen joyce's book one of the kindle daily deals when the uk is in the midst of near constant attacks on trans ppl by the media here feels just really very bad

my tummy hurts whomst is going to give it a gentle little kiss

(selfie / eye contact)
cut and dyed my hair for the wedding ✂️🍊

i am extremely obsessed with jennifer tilly and simply cannot wait for the new chucky series so me and ed are doing a rewatch of the movies and i've just realised she doesn't even turn up til the 4th film

hello film friends it is me vee (mostly a resident of skull site)
i watch a lot of extremely nu metal turn of the millennium slashers, awful shark creature features, sad ghost stories and hallmark movies about chefs. i sometimes watch actual good stuff too but these are my faves so i will mostly talk about them probably idk hello

🌊 ~ ~ ⛵ ~ ~ 🌊
🐌 snail away 🎶
🎶 snail away 🐌
🐌 snail away 🎶
🌊 ~ ~ ⛵ ~ ~ 🌊

just listened to thumbs by lucy dacus and i might have to lie down and have feelings for the rest of the day

was laid in the dark with a migraine earlier and nina came to give me a cuddle and wrapped all her feet round my arm and let me give her tummy rubs for an hour, we don't deserve cats

you're not allowed to post about fat bear week if you're a jerk about fat humans

posted a selfie on instagram and it's got one like so i'm gonna have to delete my account

i have been asleep for most of today and i am already ready for beddie again you know

watching 90s candyman and extremely thirsting over tony todd obv

hello thank u everyone for being lovely about my suit, had no signal or wi-fi until i got to the train station 🙃

selfie / eye contact
hello the wedding is lovely pls enjoy this incred outfit toilet selfie

it's apparently mostly used for vegan silent retreats presumably by incredibly rich people it is so weird

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so this place has basically no staff, very expensive art but horribly decorated and there's a library, a music room and one simply called "the octagonal room"

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