this is the "house" we're staying in for the next two days. there's no signal inside and seems to only be wifi downstairs. let the mystery novel commence

so this place has basically no staff, very expensive art but horribly decorated and there's a library, a music room and one simply called "the octagonal room"

it's apparently mostly used for vegan silent retreats presumably by incredibly rich people it is so weird

@threeofswords Is it full of taxidermy? I had to stay at one when I was a teen cos my mum worked for a Lady. Was tripping over all sorts of stuffed animals o.o

@FrazzledBrynn no it's used mostly for vegan silent retreats??? lmao so there's just tons of books about Buddhism and a few statues

@threeofswords if you hear guys across the lawn yelling "sluts" don't approach, i don't care how well it worked out for fleabag

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