nina is keeping me company but also carefully watching for the big scary birds

look at this shark lamp ed got my for my birthday tho j'adore 🦈

this is the shawl i'm knitting for ed's mum for christmas. i'm doing it with a yarn called "black forest latte" that's creams and and browns with flecks of cherry pink, what do we think?
(the shawl is the sandcastles shawl by bigger than life knits)

my most recent hand spun yarn, this is approx 100g and i'm going to need 5 more bc i'm hoping to spin enough to knit a sweater. the wool is corriedale from new zealand 🐑

(selfie / eye contact)
hello it is my birthday i am 32 and having the loveliest of calm days full of food and cuddles wot a nice time :flavortown:

food photo
ed got us some crumpets that are little ghosts with faces look how cute they are

selfie / eye contact
hello the wedding is lovely pls enjoy this incred outfit toilet selfie

this is the "house" we're staying in for the next two days. there's no signal inside and seems to only be wifi downstairs. let the mystery novel commence

(selfie / eye contact)
cut and dyed my hair for the wedding ✂️🍊

obsessed with this photo of nina lying on the floor looking like she's seen some shit

okay so with this suit i am wearing this shirt (you can't tell here but it's gingham) and these shoes and i'm going to look like a big lovely pastel clown

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my wonderful illustrator friend naomi does pet portrait suncatchers and she made me one of nina as a surprise housewarming gift and i simply adore it.

still not over how extremely cool it is to spin your own yarn from a big bag of wool
this is the first time i've done any spinning in a few weeks so it's not super even but woteva

neens almost never bleps i am always thrilled to catch a nina blep

knit mesel a new top called the singularitee and i think it's sick tbh v proud of myself bc it's knit flat and i'm scared of seaming but i did a crochet one and it's turned out a treat

it's neens hanging out in her fave box now with added ripple baby blanket i knit years ago that she's fully claimed 🐈 :baby_yoda:

so ed's brother is getting married next month, his whole family is very posh and i have never met them and this is what ed has just bought me to wear, the elasticated waist nonsense suit of my fat dreams tbqh

has there ever been a cuter photo of a box. i cannot wait to live with this lovely bébé

(selfie, eye contact in some pics) it's release day for this knitting pattern called sun and moon fade by jamie hoffman of knitosophy so here are some more photos of my version

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