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this is the "house" we're staying in for the next two days. there's no signal inside and seems to only be wifi downstairs. let the mystery novel commence

met ed's mum for the first time, i'd just had a pee and ofc my dress was stuck in my knickers 🙃

there's an older woman sat across the train from me and her shirt is on inside out like visible labels everywhere so i quietly let her know and she seems fuming with me

i'm on the second of my trains, its absolutely rammed, hardly anyone is wearing a mask properly, if at all, and i'm in a backwards seat for the next three hours, this is a hell journey

(selfie / eye contact)
cut and dyed my hair for the wedding ✂️🍊

and i'm going to show up dressed like a clown, visibly fat and disabled and i'm going to make the answer as uncomfortable as possible everytime someone asks me what my job is

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my first actual socialising since the start of the pandemic is gonna involve 2 nights in a stately home where the rooms don't have locks, meeting ed's whole family for the first time, including a literal tory mp

watching changing rooms and one of the design teams said their theme is acid house meets cottagecore and then went on to describe things that are neither acid house nor cottagecore

it seems so wasteful to get rid of gu ramekins, even if we recycle them but we simply do not need anymore gu ramekins

Hot take: using imagery and phrases from fascist memes/dogwhistles in non-fascist memes is a form of spreading and normalizing fascist propaganda.

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the thing about living with a cat is that my phone camera library is just millions of blurry terrible photos of nina. just hundreds upon hundreds already

obsessed with this photo of nina lying on the floor looking like she's seen some shit

i've got to get a train on Friday for the first time in 18 months and it's 5 hours, involves a change at just one of the worst stations (new street) and is going to cost one hundred and thirty pounds. nationalise the railways lads

the big mlm all the girls from school got involved in was juice plus, which was supplements of like fruit powder at a much higher price point than actual fruit, or juice

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should i ask for a laserdisc invite just to post about all the shit horror movies i watch y/n

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all the posts about the lularoe thing have reminded me that i found out on instagram that my half sister is involved in some cbd oil mlm

assistance request 

hey could anyone throw us a bit of money for food? Got some stressful worrying things going on this morning and incredibly no spoons for making anything.

i've ordered some hair dye in both copper orange and bright purple and i need to decide in the next two days which one i want to use

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