we tried to paint over a clown but the this happened

@swirlz @torie a regular clown is terrifying enough, but this is the worst

@torie That sounds like the infamous "face" at Texas A&M at Galveston (one of the buildings has what looks like a face on it, and it's supposedly even survived attempts at sandblasting).

@torie oh my god its like someone smushed a clown right up against the wall so hard it left a print

@torie LET̶͒̂̐̊̈ ͢M̌͜E͌ ̮̰̫͇̝̙̂ͩ̉ͣ̈͒̂I̡͂̒ͣ̔ͧ͏̯͈͍̹͓͚̯͜N̸̟̜̋̈́ͨ̾̌̚̕͡


you're not familiar with SCP? it's random things that are made into monsters with creepy lore... like picture a broken, haunted toaster with a backstory like a creepypasta

Come on y'all let's get this post to 100 favs for Valentine's 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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