when my siblings and i were kids we came up with the Mom Media Hypothesis, which is the universal truth that your mom will always inevitably walk in at the absolute most incriminating or inappropriate part of any piece of media, no matter how innocuous that media may generally be. I told my creative writing teacher about this in passing and he openly mocked me. the next class he was showing Moonrise Kingdom and the superintendent walked in at the PRECISE moment that he touches her boob.

@SanfordianPhil yeah the whole class basically started going MOM HYPOTHESIS MOM HYPOTHESIS at him

@torie this has generally been true in my experience too: in high school we were watching Wet Hot American Summer at a friends house and his mom walked in right during the movies only graphic sex scene

@torie it’s true though! I’ve asked my friends who are parents now if they’ve developed this superpower but they said it’s too early to tell yet. I will continue to monitor the situation

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