how sure are you that you are or are not queer

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(Extremely Interested in people who are ostensibly not queer answering this poll also!!!! [if you want to!])

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(i hope you know the way I am using ostensibly) (like! If you are one of the other options besides very sure I dont want to just say "you are straight" since youa re also not sure) (im just trying my best here ok im sorry)

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@torie I am very sure I'm cis, and pretty sure I'm straight, in thar being cis seems intrinsic and fixed to who I am in a way that being straight doesn't, but also like. I'm straight as far as I know, and it's not like I've never thought about it.

This has been your dispatch from the single cishet person you know!

@Pixley this is a very interesting way to think about it tbh.....I feel like for me its kind of the opposite like being gay feels totally fixed and unchangeable and being trans is very 🤷

@torie there isn't a right answer, but for me it's like, well being cis is a thing that I am, and being straight is a thing that I do, and the things that I do seem much more malleable to me, personally

@torie I usually say that I'm queer just because to me it's queer to be transgender. if queerness is more about sexuality or attraction in this context then I can get a lot more confused for you... if that's what you're after, I mean...

@jennie queerness is about *~*everything*~* i think

@torie This is interesting cause my friends and I were just talking about whether with the change in meaning of queer does it feel right anymore. Cause in the South it always was non-normative very leftist as well as non-str8 and/or non-cis. Now with it being a hypernym it's kinda like - why don't I just call myself bi n nonbinary in that case?

@torie Like if someone said they were queer you knew they were either an anarchist or a communist and anti-assimilation among other things. So if queer doesn't indicate that, then for me, personally, there's no reason to use it. Does that make sense?

@torie Language is a wild time and normalization of terms then requires different terms. What a process.

@torie But I will admit I get a lil nostalgic to not have just a single term anymore that catches so many identities in one.

@torie Im REAL SURE Im gay for girls/enbies but also REAL SURE Im a cis woman. They feel like very different things to me

@ItsJenNotGabby its a big wide world out there full of different kinds of people

@torie definitely a lesbian, definitely queer, but who the fuck knows if i have a gender

@torie like pretty pretty sure

I settled on being an agender pan/bi queer after everything else didn't feel *right*

@torie and God knows I tried to make being cis/straight work for so long

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