things i want people to know immediately from my profile: I am nice, cool, a babe, a socialist, a lesbian, a trans, hate men

how am i doing?

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i had to fix the typo but no one had replied with feedback so it doesnt even matter 😡😡😡

I have not gotten very much feedback 😠

@torie did you delete because everyone voted "this feels kinda self indulgent"? :blobcat:

@torie could be mildly clearer that you're a socialist -- bread and roses might go over people's heads -- but otherwise good

@torie NB and trans men probably don’t know you hate men or what that means to you. Nice and cool kind of go out the window with that. Otherwise it’s pretty clear you’re a socialist lesbian who is a trans babe

@torie You need a triz and or dirt quote to display that you are a nice cool babe.

@torie I voted good because I thought that meant I didn't have to provide feedback, please help. I don't know how to improve a profile I mean look at mine, you don't want my advice. Jokes aside it looks good ☺️

@torie I voted pretty good. But it hard to be objective knowing you better than a masto bio can contain.

@torie well, like I said. just better than a blurb on a bio. I look forward to getting to know you better irl

@torie I'm gonna do better than a notes app and set up a whole conspiracy board on the hyperlocal

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