straight up, lending, credit and insurance exercise a fucking incomprehensible amount of social control over the people they scam I hate it here so fucking much

these bitches are literally offering me a discount if I were a student with a b average like I get that this is a cute thing to make ads for but that straight up is a horrifying level of social control being enacted upon people by a private company

like could you imagine being a kid, a literal child in school trying to drive a car to a location, and you start doing bad in english for a semester and then your car insurance goes up ???
the car insurance your parents might pay for? the car insurance that you, a student, are probably already struggling to pay for?? that you have to pick up extra shifts at work to compensate for, which then causes your grades to dip even further? what the fuck ??

the "safe driver discount" that plugs into your car computer and tracks everywhere you go and how fast you're going and how much you accelerate/decelerate is equally nightmarish


@wgahnagl there were all those commercials that were like "isnt it cool that this lady refused to drive too quickly to the hospital because she was worried about her safe driver discount"

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@torie :)
this shit feels like I'm being flayed alive when will it fucking stop how is everyone fine with this

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