pic of me post haircut (EC, selfie, boosts +++) 

my hairs are shortened

I very handily actually have a list of all the music i thought was cool cause my tumblr still exists. Look how i misspelled mitski thats embarassing

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hey you should uncheck this box if u still use instagram and u dont want it to randomly dox u

pics of me and my mon (EC, boosts+, alc) 

i traveled on the train in this outfit and a teen said i looked like Evan Hanson. Devastating.

me dirt and amelia, looking great in the graveyard (EC, selfies, boosts+++) 

remember when our friend @Pixley was here

pics of dirt, no EC (good nice pictures of my friend dirt) 

[@dirt] in the mirror [is] closer than [she] appear[s]

pics of me and also other people EC boosts ++ 

happy happy happy god i love my fucking friends

pics of me, moving selfies (EC, Boosts++++) 

nat forgot to pack this hat so i put it on and like. am i That Dyke??? Should i start wearing hats??? what's happening?!?

the tone of the wikipedia article for the titantic is EXTREMELY defensive in tone and like. its the titanic.

pics of me, cute (selfies, ec, boosts++) 

@dirt gave me these overalls for my bday last year and now they fit and im thrilled

i did a 300 day streak in duolingo and tbh im really proud of myself srry

the last sentence of the description of Donald Rumsfeld makes it sound like there have only ever been two defense secretaries

someone please find me this sweater so i can own it i want it SO badly please

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