@Pixley probably. slightly a tiny bit more likely maybe

adoption, - 

i don't know it's just something to be so cognizant of, especially as a gay person who may want children who because of that may not be able to have biological kids. adoption is not a means to give kids to parents its a means to give parents to kids and it has to be approached in that way.

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:yell2: no matter how much good work you do for a for profit company they will never, ever care about you.

@torie @columbidae remember when techbros founded a company called "bodega" by reinventing a vending machine?

in a shocking//stunning turn of events i am feeling anxious

@torie also a cold take but it's gotta be said: dirt forever

i know this is a scorching take but america? not great tbqh

like even my roommates who i met on facebook I wouldnt have met at all if i hadnt joined masto and dumped my ex

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p silly that my closest irl friends are all (directly or indirectly) from this webbed site

At some point we need to address the fact that the lyrics of Spooky Scary Skeletons are fucking horrible

@columbidae i do love any time foss bros find out about the existence of the physical world

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