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just nodding off, had a dream one of you posted a picture of a lil creature you called a capari, it was like a lil seal with the face of a pug and a like... shrimp's tail?? anyway it was cute and so small they were like holding it in their hands in the picture...

one of the strongest reasons to learn about different religions is that the powers that be thrive on converting your ignorance of foreign culture into fear of the other. your enlightened liberal secularism is 1) a recent invention 2) based in fundamentally christian assumptions to a degree most people raised unreligiously in the west are completely ignorant of and 3) not shared by the vast majority of the world

me, pouring crystal light into the baptismal font: the ultimate flavor experience

i literally have no idea if there are any of you left i followed on twitter back when

haha really i'm more of a lean-in-ist ha ha what do you mean landlords are parasites

Why’d they call it and not Eir Bee and Bee

I decided to decorate my room with only things I've crafted or caught and I'm pretty happy with it

lewd but not sexy 

@triz why isn't "cookhole" a word, that's what I call my mouth

Herman instrumentality project. Sorry hube not boosting that one twice. I’ll just steal it

Angrily emailing the New York Times Spelling Bee puzzle creator because it won't let me use perfectly valid words like "hellchoke" and "molehole"

So what are your thoughts about bathrooms with no bathtubs? :bread_think:

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