getting spectacularly wealthy off a stock tip i overheard in the bathroom i had been cleaning and moving up into high society, then commissioning art for every one of my new friends at the weekly fancy ladies luncheon of them getting swallowed by a different fictional character, then finding out they are talking behind my back, calling me a "new vore each"

@LilyVers before you block me you should read this one. feel like it'll inform your decision

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@triz duckduckgo puns war crimes?
duckduckgo puns in geneva convention
duckduckgo "triz a.k.a."
duckduckgo triz kill count
askjeeves Has Triz killed before, and how?


Once again, I am in awe of, *<gesturing vaguely>* all this.

@Quixote171 thank you justin for the appreciation i clearly deserve

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