they want to send me to a nunnery, parish the thot

@Absolutely_Blakely @remulacfrommars hey you can mute or block or whatever you want, the world is your cloister

@Louisa @remulacfrommars i don't know if i can pronounce the word that means you don't fuck, i don't know the vowel of chastity

@Louisa @remulacfrommars you're all invited to my induction though, it'll be a celibation

@Louisa @remulacfrommars it's a small convent. i decided my life needed a little order

@triz @Louisa @remulacfrommars yeah but what happens if everyone decides "screw celibacy" all at once? it'll be a real cloisterf

@triz @Louisa @remulacfrommars and if it developed into a commercial enterprise then you'd all be praying the liturgy of the h

@alexis @Louisa @remulacfrommars i got this weird problem though where i can read normal books but not prayer books, i'm illiturgate

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