"haha i'm white i guess i don't really have a culture" yes, we do, and it is deeply diseased. it is rotted, it is pestilent, it is metastatic, and its cornerstone, its very fundament, is exploitation


there are no bad apples. the system is working as designed. the cops are not using bad judgement when they commit racist violence and murder. they are not using judgement at all. they are acting on their training. they have been primed by hours of videotape, war stories from their elders, targets on gun ranges to fear, who to fear, and how to act on that fear in a way that is not panicked but calculated. there are no bad apples, that's a barrel of grenades. the system is working as designed

@triz The bad apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree.

@triz can i paste this on facebook? would you like attribution

@shoofle go ahead! just "my friend said" is fine i already have pleromans coming into my mentions about this i don't need facebook bluestripers too lol you're braver than me

@triz Indirect boost because of missing CW: racist police violence

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