if you look in the mirror and say “i am a switch, i am a switch, i *am* a switch” it won’t do shit to change anything

@nova you can’t turn yourself into a videogame console by merely willing it, we aren’t Wonder Twins

@nova related childhood memory:

knowing you’re not like the cis kids when you want to be the Wonder Twins sister, who turned into all the cool stuff,

while the brother always turned into a bucket of water or sslt

@patience @nova i had a similar thing with attack of the killer tomatoes lol

@triz @nova y… yo… you wanted to be a killer tomato and roll around crushing tanks and killing people?


@patience @nova there was a tomato in the saturday morning cartoon (and i think the sequel movie?) that turned into a hot girl. she was nice

@triz @nova imagining triz as this actress presenting the plate of spaghetti to the guy who keeps fucking up youtube.com/watch?v=NQhwNtY3N2

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