hey there cap, toss me a few bars of that ol' bean music

gimme a mug of the ol' reverse liquor, i'm talking about that a.m. sauce

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time for an eyelid raiser bud, i mean the pillow's nemesis, i want the brown cupful

@breakfastgolem i should have known the drooling slobs on this website would have a filthy hankerin' for the sunrise soup

@triz Look, can you blame me that I shiver and howl for a even a tiny sip of that sleep-slayin' spritz?

@breakfastgolem never knew people could have a fetish for the forenoon firewater but go off

@triz Kind of shocked how I'm being haunted by the spirits of people who keep slamming huge handfuls of boiled beans.

@triz Us cool kids can converse over a quirky kaffeeklatsch.

@breakfastgolem hey you wanna keep me going with another potent potion it's your turn on the tab pal

@triz legitimately took me several minutes of confusion to figure out what this thread was about

Food, predictable 

@triz Here you go, ma'am, tossed salad and scrambled eggs.

@triz please never say "brown cupful" ever again

@triz is this what the kids call a "power flex"

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