called academy sports again to ask if underarmour or whoever has invented athletic fetish gear for track enthusiasts yet. they told me they're gonna hunt me down and crush my cell phone under the manager's hummer if i ask them one more time about running gags

@triz @breakfastgolem after your run you can use the resistance bands. A great way to protest with music

@triz Triz I just laughed SO loud at this. I'm on the bus!!! Not fair!!!

@Aleums the "fuck off triz" reactions are good but admitting that i made you laugh? in public even? you can't buy this feeling

@triz it was a single loud cackle and it was very embarrassing, but you earned it

@triz is triz a domme? because she's constantly PUNishing the timeline

@Blakely i'm not a domme but i am looking for subs- people to SUBscribe to my dang channel! haha like share and subscribe, hit that bell, join my patreon, sign up for my substack, give to my kickstarter, buy my t-shirts, and pledge your undying fealty! thanks y'all see you next week!


I unironcally need atheletic fetishwear. It'd make dressing for Roller Derby so easy!

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