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when they're listing bodily fluids everyone always forgets "posts"

joe biden will be the first ever US president with depression

some of you need to read the harvard none-of-my-business review

there's this pattern where people keep rushing into fights they don't understand, can't win, and don't gain anything by fighting, then crying when someone tells them to eat shit; and it's just a completely self-destructive place to be in. noöne wins

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like you cant talk mad shit and expect not to get hit lol. come on.

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something i see on here repeatedly is people incapable of comprehending the negative social consequences of anti social behavior

very illuminating when you tell a queer poc they are being homophobic and bashing queer culture. almost like you dont think they can actually be a part of it.

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i've seen at least 3 white people in less than a month use mental health as an excuse for being horrible to other people, usually in racist ways

that's not how it works, and honestly this isn't something that should have to be a regular reminder for y'all

The last three big meltdowns/deplatformings we've had since August, the person's response has -- without fail -- been, "How could you cut me off from my only community and support network?" Maybe don't poison the only well you drink from, then!

hey im kinda sleepy and just catching up but i s2g any of you other milk-pale weirdos wanna tell mary fuck you you better tell it to me first and find out what happens

showing your ass again in case somebody missed it the first time

Never-ending supply of
White assholes

my drop. cw: food 

burger, fries, shake, onion rings

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