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@triz not exactly. That's the guy who said "there is no outside-text". basically a nerd

you know the minute they make amazon prime drones real the us armys gonna just start ordering bombs from amazon shipped to "a. wedding"

there is literally never anything interesting that i do on computer. gonna do a drunk wikipedia ramble on stream

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I'm just channeling the Look At It Closely guy as I incoherently post about things that make me mad as fuck on here

me: i hate video games, and gamers, and gamer culture, why would i ever watch a twitch

also me: ok my gf's stream is cute. maybe i should do a twitch

@triz when you get hard for the entire line of cadillacs, that’s a fleetwood

so let me get this straight. you call it a visual novel. are you implying you do not read a novel with your eyes

food, violence, ruthkanda 

shouting ruthkanda forever before crashing my 2006 saab 9-7X into the blimpies that kicked me out for trying to fill a backpack with soda fountain diet coke

hans from stuttgart wants to know your location

Summertime heat makes my butt sweaty, can foss fix this?


throwing a "gender repeal" party to own the libs

five minutes later: i regret to inform you my gender repeal party has caused the west coast to be blanketed with smoke from ensenada to skagway. really, just really sorry folks

lewd, magnetic implants 

if i had one of those magnetic implants i would try and make it sexy . id go full pavlov on the magnet in my finger. i just love the concept of some dude passing his finger over a steel table and creaming his pants

opening a account so i can post random news links with absolutely no interaction 7 times an hour

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