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there’s a fake healyn and a healyn, but no real healyn,

is healyn even real

*on my first day in CS 101*

ME: Excuse me, professor, but are computers not more art than they are science?

PROFESSOR: Can you please leave? You're 39 years old

the biggest hog in the mcu is, of course, captain marvel's

It looks amazing but getting it up on the wall in the right design is gonna take a lot of prep.

okay i'm pretty sure i posted this one while mildly concussed but i still think it whips

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@triz is this the real life
or is this just fantasy
caught in a landslide
no escape from a manatee

just nodding off, had a dream one of you posted a picture of a lil creature you called a capari, it was like a lil seal with the face of a pug and a like... shrimp's tail?? anyway it was cute and so small they were like holding it in their hands in the picture...

why can't i add widgets to my profile. i want to scan my posts by date. like on blogger. why is mastodon not like blogger @eugen

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what was the url trick to finding your first posts

@triz you just need to get over your fear and feelings of conceit. allow me to invite you to my compound in Albany that is definitely not a weird cult

im sorry my posting sometimes seems out of step with events. things are fucken weird out there and all i can figure out to do some days is bits or whatever

bookmarking the thread where i proved i was smarter than some french guy garfield mentioned (sarter?)

remember way back in 2007 when the word of the year was "w00t"?

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