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Yeah, I rise and grind.
Grind fresh coffee beans
Then I surf the net and avoid work

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Just as a note, I'll never be canceled, I'll just meet my Waterloo

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(A knock on your door, you open it and I'm standing outside wearing a Napoleonic Navy officer uniform)
Me: Good day, have you heard the good word of Patrick O'Brian and his beloved The Aubrey-Maturin series and the beloved Peter Wier's major motion picture Master and Commander? I have some literature here for you...

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Me: I'm such a good rich person...(I say as my Zeppelin flies over my private island and I search for my human quarry)...I mean it is just a tranquilizer gun unlike Bezos

I'm going out of town for a while so I may be infrequently on here at best so sorry if I miss something important. Anyway, here is a dog photo

My mother's big pup likes to stare out the window looking down on the street and when she sees a dog friend walk by she runs to the front door in hopes they are going to come up and play

Star Wars joke 

Ken Burns presents The History of Jizz
Episode 4: The Crash of Max Rebo

I was just looking for NOAA about hurricanes and I saw a Fox News/NY Post both had big stories about NOAA head saying climate change didn't have anything to do with hurricanes despite Don Lemon saying that. Of course once I looked into it NOAA person was saying you can't link climate change to one storm but it does create more favorable conditions and so on. Perfectly normal scientific stuff but so easy for conservatives to laundry

damn, just found out they're making a sequel to There Will Be Blood and theyre calling it "There Was Blood"

Meet me at the Bartlett Festival in the next 5 minutes for an ass kicking

Kind of amazing that Chris Cuomo, who was mid broadcaster to start with, is the face of a news network now.

Pleased to announce my new instance, where you can safely confess to any crime you want!!

In completely unrelated news I'll be in Quantico VA for a bit

Zero of the people in Musk's phone are competent enough to work a shift at Starbucks

Occasionally I see a landlord TikTok and they are always, always awful. Last one was one doing stickers instead of tile in the kitchen and saying it's okay, it's just a rental!

No one makes a better yes man then millionaires to billionaires

I'm enjoying the Musk texts and even more evidence that the rich are not cleaver or better than anyone else

Conservative legal hypocrisy 

Conservatives: Needle exchanges, controlled injection sites and other harm reductions may work but we shouldn't allow it since it encourages use!
Also conservatives: Speed cameras and red light cameras don't reduce car driver fatalities so we shouldn't allow it, only things that work!

Happy Jerry Rescue day for Syracuse when mob of enraged people stormed the jail and freed Jerry before he could be returned to slavery and sent him to safety in Canada. Remember :acab:

I wonder how many lattes I need to skip in other to earn this amount?

Meta (Facebook) has had the 5th worse performance so far this year on the stock market

Why would anyone take Musk seriously? I've seen this texts about Twitter.

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