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Yeah, I rise and grind.
Grind fresh coffee beans
Then I surf the net and avoid work

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Just as a note, I'll never be canceled, I'll just meet my Waterloo

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(A knock on your door, you open it and I'm standing outside wearing a Napoleonic Navy officer uniform)
Me: Good day, have you heard the good word of Patrick O'Brian and his beloved The Aubrey-Maturin series and the beloved Peter Wier's major motion picture Master and Commander? I have some literature here for you...

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Me: I'm such a good rich person...(I say as my Zeppelin flies over my private island and I search for my human quarry)...I mean it is just a tranquilizer gun unlike Bezos

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Sorry the hot takes are kind of cold, getting the hot take boiler upgraded so no hot takes till then


Wordle 213 5/6


I think I overhead (perhaps I misheard) someone say that we need a Broadway production of The Joker

Some people should shut up today and perhaps try to learn something beyond a few snippets
(sub toot basically the right wing and a lot of liberals)

So Quebec decided that pedestrians being hit by cars is a big issue so they want to make sure that pedestrians knew they would fucking die if they dare cross where they aren't supposed to because outside is for cars not humans

Texas scientists’ new Covid-19 vaccine is cheaper, easier to make and patent-free

Dr Maria Bottazzi says their vaccine, called Corbevax, is unique because they do not intend to patent it

I hate crypto bros who seem to think relaxing time involving a computer should make them money in some crypto way is just so annoying

social media joke 

Facebook is for the fascist masses and twitter is for the pundit class

I need more coffee, I only have dark roast and it is too dark for morning coffee.


Barely got this one

Wordle 212 6/6


Clothing suggestions asked for 

Best corsets for trans women? Or just good corsets in general?

fortunately I have a spare one but ugh, not nearly as nice of one

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Well, my keyboard is having issues after I split my big mug of coffee on it. Maybe once it dries it will be okay, but not holding my breath


Afer spilling my coffee I barely made it

Wordle 211 6/6


NYCTA needs to add platform protection in stations. It isn't that hard or new technology

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