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Me: I'm such a good rich person...(I say as my Zeppelin flies over my private island and I search for my human quarry)...I mean it is just a tranquilizer gun unlike Bezos

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Sorry the hot takes are kind of cold, getting the hot take boiler upgraded so no hot takes till then

We need more animal bridges/tunnels with our highways. Safer for everyone involved especially animals

One day, one day I will remember what I started writing in this toot...

Austria should just have a stiff uper lift, they owe us this after the whole world wars thing


Still enjoying remembering the cops crying after Trump lost

Supreme Court and NY regulation 

I mean I guess it wasn't originally part of the constitution to fight a virus. I mean they didn't know about virus and still thought bleeding and mercury was best practice

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Supreme Court and NY regulation 

I'm not holding my breath for conservatives to attack unelected judge attack an elected official attempt to control a pandemic

Thanksgiving story alcohol involved 

One Thanksgiving I didn't go home so my friend and I had a little Thanksgiving and perhaps after drinking a tad too much (2 bottles of champagne on empty stomach) the turkey was read and somehow one whole thigh fell on the floor, a good chunk and the dog got to it. Pretty sure it was her happiest day ever based on how much love she gave us for the next day

Happy Thanksgiving and here is a video of a wonderful Thanksgiving video

Food poll 

Cranberry should be....

Does anyone want to discuss the New York Times list of the greatest actors of the century so far, which places Denzel Washington at #1 despite appearing in between one and three good movies this century

Trump deadbeat 

The city of El Paso has hired a debt collector to collect the Trump debt for his campaign vist cost

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