Not sure why it popped into my head but suddenly remembered we use to breed dogs to fit in a wheel to turn meat to cook it

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@JohnBrownJr @robotcarsley the story I read said they were in constant fear of being picked up and put in the wheel at any time and you can see that

@whiskeysailor @JohnBrownJr I was imagining it was like the cupcake dog because they were never allowed to have any of the chicken but that's way funnier (and sadder, obviously)

@JohnBrownJr @robotcarsley I mean every other dog loves seeing a chicken being brought home but that little guy just toss like "oh fuck, that's a chicken!"

@whiskeysailor I am utterly surprised and delighted to realize this! Thank you!

@whiskeysailor and I'm reading that dog breed is now extinct ;-;

no kitchen automation for us today...
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