@whiskeysailor i remember, at least in the 2000s, it was common practice at the new orleans times-picayune to list not only the defendant but their address of record in stories like that. just abominable

@PhoebeWallerPalladino just terrible, especially as the police have so much power to determine who they arrest and so many are wrong arrests to begin with

@whiskeysailor this is great. Also the mug shot magazine industry should be made illegal. Probably a hard thing to do with free speech laws, but...

@InternetEh that is one of the worse industries. I think there are ways around it, a lot of states only release them with a request so most of those sites don't do it, they just pull from the police sites that post them automatically
(had to look it all up one time and they just post the name but no photo which is much better then the automatic sites)

@whiskeysailor might be better just to end the practice of taking mug shots. It's just meant to humiliate and coerce

@whiskeysailor Like 99% of news outlets' non-politics stories are just copied off from the Associated Press (that's the whole point of the AP after all) so most news will probably magically start doing this after AP starts

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