really the big lesson of the story is to know how to navigate by the stars (something I theoretically know how to do but haven't practiced in a loooooooooooooooooooong time and don't have any of the tools anymore)

@whiskeysailor I can't believe that all these years I've been looking for coconuts in trees like a fucking idiot.

@mike @whiskeysailor i am going to package this as a boutique re-wilding experience. relax and unwind. no wifi, just waves

@binchicken @whiskeysailor put a bottle of champagne on a raft and call it a glamour experience.

*checks if is registered*

@lain @whiskeysailor

A coconut is a type of fish. They're related to the pufferfish.

They grow on palm trees, then fall into the water and swim away.

@lain @whiskeysailor coconuts often drop onto beaches and are carried away by tides. They float until either they decompose enough to sink, they wash up elsewhere, or something harvests them

@whiskeysailor "It was a nice break from all the fuckery of the entire fuckery world. Fuckin cucks trying to rescue us. Leave us the fuck alone. Give us two Thai women and send us back into the ocean of 'getaway from everything-ness'..."
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